Full Mouth Rehabilitation

A confident smile and a healthy mouth represents your personality. At Ponsonby dental boutique we can help you keep it up with full mouth rehabilitation. Whatever is the dental or smile issue you are facing, we are always ready to help.
Irregular teeth, dull teeth, not well aligned teeth, spaces in between teeth, decreased vertical dimension/ height of mouth etc might hamper your smile and looks and give a wrong impression of your personality. Smile is the first impression you can impart on others, let’s make it THE BEST!

Wedding Smile Makeovers

Congratulations that your wedding bells are ringing! Of the many makeovers that you might be planning for your wedding, we believe your smile makeover is the most IMPORTANT ONE. You definitely want to feel more confident when you smile on your wedding day with photographers lined to capture those lovely moments!
At Ponsonby dental boutique, we can give you the perfect wedding smile makeover you are looking for.
We have various options such as whitening, veneers, cosmetic contouring, dental bonding, braces, and various restorations such as crowns for the wedding smile makeover.