Emergency Dental Care

We are here to help when you have a dental emergency

    *Terms and condition apply

    Emergency Dental Care

    We are here to help when you have a dental emergency

    *Terms and condition apply

    If you are experiencing what you think to be a dental emergency, please give us a call as soon as possible on 09-377-7700 to schedule an appointment. If you call outside of our normal open hours, or if we are unable to answer the phone when you call, please leave a message, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

    Broken/Chipped Tooth

    Upset with your broken/ chipped tooth? Don’t worry! We can fix it at Ponsonby dental boutique.Whenever you have a broken/ chipped tooth, meet us as soon as possible. Otherwise, the chipped tooth might get infected so much that you might lose the tooth.

    There’s variety of treatment options available based on the extent of the damage.

    At Ponsonby dental boutique, we try to save your tooth always. When saving your tooth is not recommended, we can help you replace it with the best options, such as implants!

    We understand chipping/ breaking your tooth might give you a bad feeling.However, most of the times, it could be a minor chip, and you don’t need any major treatment. But, it’s essential to meet us and get it treated right away to prevent the worst outcomes.

    Meet us today at Ponsonby dental boutique to know more..


    Having an aching tooth? Do not ignore! Though toothache sounds simple and obvious, it might be serious. Decay need not be the only cause of toothache. Infection and referred pain also manifest as toothache. Sometimes, they are serious and need immediate attention! Do not delay and meet us at Ponsonby dental boutique today for the right diagnosis.

    Tooth Extraction

    Tooth extraction/ tooth removal is one of the treatments we perform at Ponsonby Dental Boutique. However, be rest assured our aim is always to save your tooth to the best possible extent. Only when there is no other choice, we suggest a tooth extraction.
    In certain cases, you do need a tooth extraction.

    Infected & Impacted Wisdom Tooth

    Troubled by an infected/ impacted wisdom tooth? Don’t worry, at Ponsonby dental boutique, we have expert doctors specialized in wisdom tooth management.Third molars are referred to as wisdom teeth. They are the ones to erupt last of all teeth, usually in adulthood; thus, the name wisdom teeth.We all have molars that help us in chewing. Mainly, the first molars and second molars. We have four first molars and four second molars. However, third molars are not well erupted these days.

    Root Canal Treatment

    Root Canal Treatment, popularly known as RCT, is one of the treatments we do to prevent extraction/ save your tooth from removing. Though you may replace your lost teeth with artificial ones, they cannot beat your natural teeth. Natural teeth are always THE BEST!

    As the name suggests, RCT is the treatment of roots. Your tooth has two parts: a crown and a root. Within your tooth, there is a vital part. The vital part of the crown is called the pulp, which is encapsulated by the root canal. While front teeth have a single root, the back teeth have multiple roots. Every root has a root canal.

    Broken & New Dentures

    We can bring back your youth, lost smile, laughter, happiness, chewing power, confidence, and lifestyle with our dentures!
    No one likes to lose their teeth, but sometimes it’s inevitable due to severe gum disease, bad decay, or injury. Don’t worry, Ponsonby Dental Boutique is here to help you.
    Whether you have lost a few teeth or all your teeth, we have dentures for every need. We have partial dentures and complete dentures, removable and fixed.
    Though implants are the best option, in case you don’t need implants for any reason, we can help you with dentures.

    Oral Sedation

    Are you suffering from dental phobia? Is your anxiety preventing you from visiting dental clinic? We are here to help!

    At Ponsonby dental boutique, we make it easier and comfortable for you with Oral sedation. Oral sedation is a conscious sedation that helps you relax, stay comfortable, and keep the fear, pain, and anxiety away during your dental treatment.

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    Janith is the best Dentist I have ever been to, I’m close to 60 years old so I’ve seen a few of them over the years. Great communication and empathy. I had to have a root canal, I’ve had one before, the experience with Janith was far superior to what I had experienced previously with a well known dental franchise that I had been going to for over 20 years, (my prevoious Root Canal was also much more expensive). I will definitely be going back to Janith for any future dental work. Thank you for your great service, awesome.

    Shane E (Google Review)

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    Regular checkups allow dentists to identify and address potential problems before they become serious issues. Through professional cleaning and examination, plaque and decay can be removed, reducing the risk of cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues.

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    Emergency Dental Care

    We are here to help when you have dental emergency