Broken & New Dentures

We can bring back your youth, lost smile, laughter, happiness, chewing power, confidence, and lifestyle with our dentures!
No one likes to lose their teeth, but sometimes it’s inevitable due to severe gum disease, bad decay, or injury. Don’t worry, Ponsonby Dental Boutique is here to help you.
Whether you have lost a few teeth or all your teeth, we have dentures for every need. We have partial dentures and complete dentures, removable and fixed.
Though implants are the best option, in case you don’t need implants for any reason, we can help you with dentures.

Partial denture

As the name suggests, a partial denture replaces some teeth. When you have lost only a few teeth, a partial denture can replace your missing teeth.

Partial dentures prevent misalignment.

When a tooth is missing, we should replace it with an artificial tooth. Otherwise, the adjacent teeth will start drifting over a period of time. Gradually, spaces form in between the teeth. Also, the opposite teeth start moving towards the empty space. Over a period of few years, they start causing trouble biting and chewing too.

Replacing the missing teeth on time saves all the trouble. It ensures all the teeth are in their designated places.

A partial denture can be FPD/ Fixed Partial Denture or RPD/ Removable Partial Denture.

FPD is also known as a bridge, and we will be discussing it more in another article named bridge.

Removable Partial Denture/ RPD

It replaces the lost teeth taking the support of your adjacent teeth via clasps/ metal framework close to gums. However, the clasps may be visible at times.

Precision partial denture

It’s an RPD with a more aesthetic appeal. It has internal attachments that aren’t visible, unlike clasps.

Partial dentures procedure

We begin with a thorough oral examination. We need to ensure other teeth are fine and no other teeth require extraction.

Then, we look for the adjacent teeth and prepare them, making them good enough to support.

We select the suitable tray that fits your jaws and take their impression using a special material.

You can take a deep breath while we take the impression of both your jaws. Deep breath avoids gag. We aim to record all the surrounding structures of the mouth so that you have a comfortable denture.

Based on the impression, we construct a cast/ replica of your mouth. It acts as a model on which we build a customized denture for you.

First, we build a wax denture, and once we ensure it fits well with you, we convert it to the final one.

Follow-up visits ensure your denture is comfortable and serving its purpose.

If any extraction is planned for the partial denture, we can give you a temporary denture. We replace it with the final one once it completely heals.

Complete denture

As the name suggests, a Complete Denture/ CD replaces all your teeth. Conventional denture and immediate denture are two types of CD.

Dentures have a pink base on which teeth rest; the pink base seats on the tissues.

Conventional denture

A conventional denture is placed after two to three months of extraction when the tissues have completely healed.

Remember not to delay the denture placement too much and follow your dentist’s advice. Too much delaying causes excess bone loss so much that dentures will never fit!

Immediate CD

Here there is no waiting period. The day you get all your teeth extracted, you can start wearing the denture. That means you don’t have to stay edentulous/ without teeth at all. You will be wearing the denture in the healing period too.

However, you might need some adjustments during the healing period. As the tissues and bones heal, the denture measurements might change.

Once it heals, we need to reline the denture according to the current jaw measurements or make a new one that suits you the best.


Overdenture is another type of denture.

Here a few of your teeth are retained to preserve your jawbone and to provide support and stability for the denture.

Overdenture fits your mouth using the support of the remaining few teeth.

Implants also work similarly. We discuss about implants in another article in detail.

Complete denture procedure

We take a thorough medical history and follow it with clinical examination. The steps are similar to partial denture steps with some modifications.

At Ponsonby Dental Boutique, we make your dentures as close to your natural teeth as possible. Tooth size, shape, shade, and appearance will be customised to your needs. There are two main types of materials used for dentures- acrylic and porcelain. While porcelain teeth mimic your natural teeth more, acrylic ones are light, do not break easily and are smooth on jaws.

When you start wearing your denture, you might be a little uncomfortable. It might take a few weeks for you to get accustomed to it. Starting with soft food help.

Minor irritation, excess saliva production, feeling fluffy or feeling that the dentures are loose are all a part of getting used to the denture. If there is excess soreness or major discomfort, give us a call. It’s best not to bite very hard foods with your denture.

  • Maintaining your dentures well
  • Remember, “Wearing dentures doesn’t discount dental hygiene in any way.” You need to brush your dentures too, every day, to clear food debris and to prevent staining. Make sure you use very gentle cleaners to prevent scratches.
  • Remember to immerse your denture in a bowl full of cold water or denture solution every night. It not only helps your gums and bones to heal and relax at night but also maintains the structure and fit of dentures.
  • Tip: Never soak dentures in hot water; it could warp them.
  • Brush your gums, palate, and tongue with a soft brush every morning to clear plaque, prevent bad breath and improve circulation to your tissues.
  • Handle your dentures with care and ensure you don’t drop them down.
  • Anytime you feel your denture needs some adjustments or is damaged, meet us. Never try to repair it yourself; you might end up damaging it.
  • Follow-up visits are mandatory for dentures too. We can help you ensure your dentures fit well always and last really long.

Meet us at Ponsonby Dental Boutique for more details today.

You might be aware that implants are the best replacement for your lost teeth. They are permanent and fixed to your jaws, just like your natural teeth. Once done well, they stay with you forever, just like your natural teeth.

Would you like to reconsider the possibility of implants today?

Advantages of dentures

Dentures help you

Look better: You look younger with dentures than without them. When you lose all your teeth, the facial muscles sag, making you look older.

Smile better: You can smile better and more confidently with dentures.

Talk better: When teeth are missing, you cannot pronounce certain words and alphabets well. Dentures can help you get back your speech.

Chew better: With dentures, you can chew better.