Teeth Whitening

Do you have dull/ discoloured teeth? At Ponsonby dental boutique, we can give you the bright, attractive smile that you are looking for.
Causes of dull/ yellow/ discoloured teeth

Several causes can dull down your teeth! Here are a few prominent ones.

  • Smoking, tobacco chewing, poor dental hygiene causing plaque and calculus, and certain foods such as coffee, tea, and red wine can cause yellow, dull teeth.
  • Ageing, trauma/ accident and hereditary factors are some of the factors too.
  • Certain conditions such as fluorosis/ too much fluoride in water, certain medicines, and certain treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, and tetracycline stains/ child exposed to certain medicines like tetracycline while teeth were developing, discolour your teeth.

At Ponsonby dental boutique, we can give you a sparkling, bright smile with several services such as scaling, polishing, bleaching, and zoom whitening.

In-office bleaching

n-office bleaching is the bleaching done at the dentist’s office. Thus, it is also called chairside bleaching. We begin with taking a photograph of your teeth. We help you know the current shade of your teeth by comparing it to the chart/ a model of shades. It helps you know where/ which shade you reached after the treatment.

We apply a rubber shield or gel to protect your gums. Then, we apply the bleaching agent to your teeth. At Ponsonby dental boutique, we use heat, laser, light, or a combination for better results. We help you lie still during the procedure with a lip and tongue retractor.

It takes just one visit for the chairside bleaching. You can get 3 to 8 shades brighter in just 30 to 60 minutes.

There are home teeth-whitening options too. However, bleaching at the dentist’s office is customized, safer, and gives quicker and better results.

Home whitening

Over the counter products like whitening toothpastes, rinses, strips, gels, chewing gums, and home teeth bleaching kits are some of the home whitening options.

If you need a home whitening kit, we can take the impression of your teeth and make customized trays for you. You place the whitening gel there and place it over your teeth. You need to do it daily for two to three weeks.

While you opt for home whitening, you need to be meticulous and do it exactly as advised. Keeping the bleaching material longer on the teeth increases tooth sensitivity. Their overuse could damage your teeth and gums too.

Teeth whitening at Ponsonby dental boutique is safer, needs just one sitting, and is more effective. You get better and longer-lasting results.

Does teeth whitening work on all your teeth?

It works well on yellowish, dull teeth caused by food and smoking. For other causes, whitening lightens your teeth to some extent.

It cannot work on tooth dullness caused due to an accident. In such cases, the cause is from within, due to a dead tooth. You need a cap/ crown for it. Tooth whitening also does not work on discoloured fillings, caps etc.

Brushing twice a day, flossing every day, and rinsing your mouth after food each time are some of the best ways to prevent yellow and stained teeth.

Meet us today at Ponsonby dental boutique for healthier, safer, and brighter smiles!