Full Mouth Rehabilitation

A confident smile and a healthy mouth represents your personality. At Ponsonby dental boutique we can help you keep it up with full mouth rehabilitation. Whatever is the dental or smile issue you are facing, we are always ready to help.

Irregular teeth, dull teeth, not well aligned teeth, spaces in between teeth, decreased vertical dimension/ height of mouth etc. might hamper your smile and looks and give a wrong impression of your personality. Smile is the first impression you can impart on others, let’s make it THE BEST!

What is mouth rehabilitation?

Rehab means making it better or bringing back the previous privilege. A full mouth rehabilitation involves all the procedures to bring back your previous smile or to make your smile better and ideal!

Your full mouth rehabilitation includes several aspects such as:

  • Occlusal rehab
    *Occlusal surface is the biting surface of the teeth.
    The right alignment of occlusal plane ensures you have the chewing efficiency and are pain free.
  • Optimizing the vertical height
    We can help you with the optimal vertical height that makes you look younger, better, and more confident.

Full mouth rehabilitation is a complex process that involves many parameters to give you a better smile and a pain-free mouth.

Why do you need a full mouth rehab?

  • To beautify your smile
  • To enhance your looks and facial profile
  • To balance the chewing forces: Improper occlusion and biting forces due to decay or missing teeth, cause stress and strain to your jaws and muscles.
  • With full mouth rehabilitation, we distribute the jaw/ biting forces more evenly in your mouth.
  • To maintain and improve the health of your mouth.
  • To improve the health of your Temporo Mandibular Joint/ joint that connects your upper and lower jaws.
  • To eliminate pain and discomfort of your teeth and surrounding structures.  Improper occlusion causes stress and strain on the adjacent teeth and surrounding structures.

Full mouth rehabilitation procedure

We begin with taking a thorough medical history, dental history, clinical examination, diet, and behaviour evaluation. We advise specific types of X-rays for treatment planning. Photographs and computer imaging etc., are other helpful aids.
With the help of diagnostic aids, we make a diagnostic wax up in the lab for treatment planning.
Missing teeth/ decayed teeth/ malaligned teeth put undue stress on the healthy teeth and tissues. They cause excess wear out of healthy teeth, disturb the occlusal relationship and also the vertical height.
Several factors that lead to parafunctional/ involuntary habits such as bruxism, might lead to reduced vertical dimension too.
At Ponsonby dental boutique, we begin the treatment only after thoroughly evaluating the causes. Addressing the causes solves half the issue.
We analyse your occlusal plane/ biting surface using various tools such as plane analysers.
Based on the need, we do fillings/ restorations, crowns/ caps, larger fillings such as inlays and onlays, replacing the missing teeth with options such as bridge, dentures, and implants.
For worn out anteriors/ front teeth, to obtain space, we use methods such as crown lengthening or surgical repositioning, based on the need.
The jaw relation/ the right alignment of jaws is essential too. Impaired jaw relation strains the supporting muscles causing aches.
To guide the mandible/ lower jaw in centric relation, we use methods such as bilateral manipulation method, unguided method, etc.
We do the mandibular deprograming with the help of leaf gauge, anterior jig, etc. as needed. Here are some of the techniques we use for centric bite record:

  • Waxbite procedures: using wax, modifying it with Zinc oxide eugenol paste for accuracy, using tenax wax and soft wax as needed
  • Pre adapted bases: stabilize hypermobile teeth in the right position while making the bite record for mandibular deprograming.
  • Central bearing point technique
  • Anterior stop technique with ZOE paste, plaster, heavy bodied silicone, or self-cure acrylic as the posterior record material

Long centric: we aim for long centric, a condition/ phenomenon wherein the lower jaw is in the central occlusion and there is some freedom of movement. Such a phenomenon helps in preventing harmful habits such as bruxism and other damaging parafunctional habits.
If the teeth are severely worn out, occlusal overlay splint is one of the treatment modalities we do for increasing the vertical dimension of teeth.
If there is a wear out of front teeth, we use appliances such as Dahl appliance.
Anatomical landmark, physiologic landmark, and facial measurements are some of the other parameters we take into consideration while bringing the vertical dimension of your mouth back to normal.
When we increase the vertical height, it takes time for the normal stability to return. Though it causes symptoms for some time, later there are no symptoms, as long as occlusal stability is maintained.
We can also decrease the VD/ Vertical Dimension for the best aesthetics and function.
There might be some changes in phonetics such as while pronouncing “s.” However, it will be fine within a month or so.
During the follow up, if needed, we do make necessary adjustments such as for enhancing the pronunciation of letters such as “s.”
After confirming that the new vertical dimension is appropriate, we do the interim restoration/ temporary treatment followed by the permanent restoration for the best results.

Full mouth rehabilitation procedure

We make necessary adjustments during the follow up. It ensures the treatment is successful. A thorough dental hygiene, is another parameter that ensures successful treatment!
Experts at Ponsonby dental boutique do full mouth rehabilitation for kids too!
In kids, certain conditions such as Amelogenesis imperfecta need immediate treatment. Postponing the treatment till adulthood might cause severe psychological impact and impair the relation between upper and lower jaws.

Full mouth rehabilitation is a complex process that is quite challenging. It needs a comprehensive treatment plan. A careful evaluation, assessment, treatment planning, execution, and follow up ensure a successful treatment.
At Ponsonby dental boutique, we have a team of experts: prosthodontist, periodontist, orthodontist, endodontist, and oral surgeon who are trained with the best mouth rehabilitation practices.
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