Having misaligned/ crowded teeth or a bad bite with spaces in between teeth? Want a beautiful smile but without metallic braces? Invisalign can give you an ideal smile with NO METALLIC LOOKS!

Invisalign are invisible aligners that align your teeth rightly. Gone are the days where metallic braces were the only option to beautify your smile. Invisalign aligners are tight-fitting customized aligners that slip over all your teeth snuggly and do the function of braces. During the consultation, we brief you on the new smile that you will get and the entire process. We take the impression of your mouth and or use 3D digital scanners and help you visualize the new smile that you will be getting.Orthodontic treatment (correcting the alignment and bite/ occlusion of your teeth) is a slow but steady process. We monitor it regularly and make necessary adjustments to progress towards the desired smile and occlusion/ bite.

With metal braces, after a little/ planned movement, we tighten the braces slightly to make the gradual alignment correction. In Invisalign, there are a series of aligners. We replace the aligners whenever we need to make the subsequent adjustment/ progress. Depending on your teeth and bite, you will need to change the aligners. Teeth move slowly in the right alignment with each set of new aligners. The aligners are made of plastic, are see-through and fit snuggly with your teeth. You need to remove them while eating, drinking non-clear liquids, and brushing. But, the rest of the time, at least 22 hours a day, you need to wear them judiciously for the best results.

Treatment usually takes 6 to 24 months. But, if you had ortho/ braces treatment as a child and now you need correction, you may need Invisalign just for 10 weeks. Invisalign is one of the brands that produce clear, plastic aligners. The plastic is FDA approved and is thin as well as BPA and BPS free, and gluten and latex-free too. Other brands for Invisalign are Clear Correct, Smart moves, and Inman Aligner.

Types of Invisalign

Invisalign Full

It corrects all malocclusion issues, mild to severe. You get unlimited aligners here. Spaces in between teeth, crowded teeth, open bite, crossbite, overbite, it addresses all.

There are other types of Invisalign treatments such as Invisalign Lite/ 14, Invisalign 10, Invisalign 5, and Invisalign i7, which have a lesser number of aligners as indicated by the number. They are suitable for minor malocclusions such as minor spacing and crowding.

After completing the treatment, you need to wear retainers for the said amount of time. It ensures your smile stays intact.

Advantages of Invisalign over metallic braces

In addition to giving you a lovely smile without metallic looks, Invisalign gives you the freedom to eat what you love, that too after removing the aligners.

You can practice better oral hygiene with Invisalign. Food might get stuck with braces, and you need to be more meticulous to prevent cavities.

Invisalign aligners are smooth, whereas metal braces can make your cheeks feel raw.

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