Free dental treatment for teenages under 18

At Ponsonby Dental Boutique, we provide free dental treatment for kids under 18!
We care for your kids as much as you do We are willing to provide absolutely free dental treatment to your kids. The free service covers all the essential non-cosmetic procedures such as:

  • Routine dental check-up and consultation
  • Scaling/ teeth cleaning
  • Non-cosmetic fillings for decay
  • Root canal treatment/ removing the decay that has reached roots
  • Baby teeth and permanent teeth extraction/ removal if needed
  • Third molar extraction if needed
  • Removable partial denture/ artificial teeth replacing missing teeth
  • Temporary crowns such as stainless steel crown and resin crown to protect the weak and root canal treated teeth
  • Toothache
  • Dental avulsion/ tooth that has come out of its socket due to injury
  • Emergency treatments due to accidents

Every dental treatment at Ponsonby Dental Boutique complies with the highest standard of service. We take care of utmost hygiene and sanitization and assure you that all the treatments are going to be pain-free. For more details, meet us at Ponsonby Dental Boutique today!