Tooth Crown

We can help you get a bright and beautiful smile via crowns at Ponsonby dental boutique.
A teeth crown is a tooth-shaped cap that fits over your tooth and improves its function and appearance manifolds!
A dental crown can help you in several ways.
Top 7 uses of a teeth crown

It strengthens your weak tooth

A dental crown protects your Root Canal Treated/ RCT teeth from fracture.
When the decay reaches the tooth roots, there is a need for RCT. However, RCT tooth needs a crown at the earliest as they are weak.
Are you having a cracked tooth? Tooth crown encapsulates your tooth and prevents further propagation of cracks.

Crown supports the insufficient remaining tooth

Sometimes there is not enough tooth left to support the filling, especially in the case of large decays and fillings. In such cases, the crown supports your tooth and prevents further destruction.

Crown enhances your looks

If your teeth are badly stained or discoloured, crowns are the best long-term solutions. No one will know you have a discoloured tooth underneath, or you ever had one.

Crown gives you your dream smile

For misshaped, misaligned, and chipped teeth, dental crowns are the long term solutions. Whether you want ideally shaped teeth or well-aligned teeth, crowns can help you.

Saves you from severe sensitivity and pain

Sometimes teeth wear out severely with age and get extremely sensitive; the process is called attrition. When there is severe attrition/ wear out, dental crowns come to your help.
An accidental fall could break the tooth. A dental crown rebuilds your tooth and makes it pain-free.

Crown supports the bridge

When you have a missing tooth, a bridge is an appliance that fills the gap with an artificial tooth. As the name suggests, a bridge takes the support of the adjacent teeth with the help of dental crowns.

Crown covers the dental implant

Dental implants are permanent solutions to your missing teeth. We insert an implant into your jaws, place the crown of your choice and build back all your teeth with the help of dental crowns and implants.