Tooth Color Filling

We know how much you love your smile and that your teeth form an integral part of your smile.
However, at times, there might be tooth decay, and you need to get them filled. Worried that it will alter your smile?
Rest assured that we have tooth-coloured fillings that make your teeth look the most natural. No one will ever know, you have a filling. Your smile says a lot about your confidence levels and who you are, and we won’t let that fade!
Composite, GIC, and RM GIC are some of the tooth-coloured restorations/ fillings that we have for you. Each one has its own set of advantages.
At Ponsonby Dental Boutique, we help you choose the restoration that suits your needs the most.


Composite is one of the tooth-coloured fillings that make your teeth look as natural as possible.
We begin with removing the decay. Composite binds to your teeth. Thus, we don’t have to trim your teeth a lot to ensure the filling stays. Due to its binding properties, the composite remains firmly there. The more the natural tooth structure stays, the better it is.
After removing the decay, we make the tooth surface receptive to composite by a process called acid etching. Post etching, we wash the tooth thoroughly and dry it.
Post which, we apply a bonding agent to the cavity area to enhance the bonding properties of the composite.
Then, we select a suitable shade of composite. We have various shades to choose from and you’ll be presented an opportunity to choose your preferred shade.
Maintaining dryness, we place the required quantity of composite at the site of the cavity and use a unique device called a composite gun. A special blue coloured light emits from the gun, which sets the composite, and the process is called curing.
Based on the depth of the cavity, if needed, we repeat the process to bring your tooth back to its original shape.
In the end, we polish the filling, to give it a natural-like finish.
If you have metal fillings and are not happy because they are visible when you laugh, we can replace them with tooth-coloured composite fillings. For further information, contact Ponsonby Dental Boutique at your convenient time.
Advantages of composite fillings

  • They look natural.
  • Suit both front and back teeth.
  • Suitable for small to medium fillings.
  • Save your tooth structure as we need not trim much.
  • Durable and resistant to fracture against moderate pressure from chewing.
  • Need just one visit for the restoration/ filling.

For a tooth that goes through excess chewing pressure, or if the cavity is large, we have special restorations called composite Inlays and Onlays.

GIC/ Glass Ionomer Cement

GIC is a type of restoration that is tooth coloured but not as strong as composite. We use GIC in the areas such as cervical fillings.

*Cervical fillings are those that are close to gums. The cervical part is the part of the tooth that is closest to the gums.


RM GIC is a stronger form of GIC. Suitable for the biting surfaces of teeth as well; more useful for paediatrics.

At Ponsonby Dental Boutique, we help you choose the restoration that suits your needs the most.