You should see a dentist every six months whether you have a dental problem or not. Routine dental check-ups ensure your oral health gets better.
New cavities and dental problems could arise at any time. The earlier you address them, the better it is.
When your cavity has just begun, you may not notice. But your dentist can help you prevent it from going bad.
If the cavity gets deeper, it causes sensitivity and toothache. This is when you might notice you have got a decayed tooth. At this stage, we can salvage the tooth through a filling. If you manage to ignore it further, the decay gets deeper. It reaches the pulp- the vital part of the tooth, and you will need extensive treatments like Root Canal Treatment. Sometimes the tooth may be so badly decayed that it cannot be repaired, and you need to replace it with artificial teeth.

Restorations/ fillings/ artificial teeth, however good, cannot beat your natural teeth. Meet us at Ponsonby dental boutique at least once in six months for check-up and enhance your oral health. Prevention is always better than cure. Are you wondering if you are in good dental health?

Routine check-up helps in keeping up your dental health and helps reinforce healthy dental habits. Using the right toothbrush, right paste, and right brushing techniques help you ensure your beautiful smile stays forever. Besides, routine dental procedures such as scaling and polishing your teeth helps to improve your overall health! There are plenty of scientific evidence in this regard.

How do routine dental check-ups help with controlling diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases? Poor oral health resulting from improper brushing habits and an unhealthy diet cause inflamed/ swollen gums. They make it easy for unhealthy bacteria to enter your bloodstream. The harmful bacteria release toxins that take a toll on your sugar levels and heart-health indicators. It is also confirmed by scientific evidence.

Also, it is vice versa. If your sugar levels are high, the symptoms are visible in the mouth too. Swollen gums, dry mouth/ lack of saliva, bad breath, and loose teeth become evident and are indicative of high blood sugar. Poor oral health has relevance to the current pandemic too. Studies suggest poor oral health increases the chances of COVID-19. Your mouth can be an entry point for COVID 19 virus. Poor oral health increases ACE2 enzymes, which are receptors for the virus.

Remember to brush twice a day with fluoride-rich toothpaste. Follow the right brushing techniques and include healthy meals, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in the diet. Avoid refined and sugary food. Routine dental check-up helps you keep your mouth clean, heal gums, strengthen your teeth, improve sugar levels, heart and overall health. Research published in Clinical Microbiology in 2000 confirms the same!Please meet us at our Ponsonby Dental Boutique at least every six months to be the healthier version of yourself!