Tooth Jewellery

Want to express your uniqueness through your smile? You can get it blinged out via customized tooth jewellery.
Tooth jewellery is an accessory placed at the front of your tooth that helps you express your uniqueness.
Tooth jewels are ascending popularity. Tooth jewellery lets you express your individuality through your smile, making it fashionable and unique.
Unlike piercings or body tattoos, tooth jewellery doesn’t have any extensive process. You don’t need any drilling.
We affix it onto your tooth using composite/ bonding cement. It stays anywhere from 6 months to a couple of years. Also, tooth jewellery is 100% reversible and does not make any permanent changes to your tooth.
It can be there temporarily or as long as you need it. You can also place it just for special occasions and remove it later.
We can bond a precious metal or a tiny diamond to your tooth. You can also add more joy by flashing your favourite red ruby or a blue sapphire as tooth jewellery. There are tooth gems too which are colourful crystal glasses mounted on a thin aluminium foil. They are up to 0.9 mm thick and up to 1.8mm to 3 mm wide.
You can as well opt for an appeal that speaks about your hobby or a component of your personality.

Tooth jewellery procedure

We begin with cleaning your tooth. Then, we isolate your tooth so that saliva doesn’t disturb the procedure. We follow the bonding procedure: etching, drying, applying the bonding agent, curing it, applying the composite, and placing the tooth jewellery in place rightly.

Before curing, we show the tooth jewel to you, so you can confirm if you like it that way. Then, we cure it thoroughly from all sides of the tooth to fix the jewel firmly in place.

Initially, the tooth jewellery might feel a bit playful or unusual. After a couple of days, it feels normal as you get used to it.


After the jewel, you can brush as usual but do not use an electric toothbrush for the first 24 hours of jewellery application.
You can maintain your routine oral hygiene visits and regular dental scaling/ cleaning and polishing as usual. We use a softer tip for the routine cleaning at the area of tooth jewellery.
What if you swallow the jewel by mistake?
It will be excreted out of your body normally. It has no sharp edges, so nothing to worry about.
You can replace it with a new style whenever you like it. Dental jewel can be your style statement that makes you unique in the crowd.
At Ponsonby dental boutique, we have a wide range of tooth jewellery designs. You can choose how you wish to express your personality via your smile!