Philips Zoom Whitening

Are you looking for an instantly brighter and more confident smile? We can help you with Philips Zoom. You can get up to 8 shades of brightness in just 45 minutes with Philips Zoom in-office whitening.

At Ponsonby dental boutique, we provide both in-office and take home Philips Zoom Whitening. In-office Philips Zoom provides faster and better results. There are two types of Philips zoom in-office treatments, namely Philips Zoom QuickPro and Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed.

Philips Zoom QuickPro

It’s more suitable for a touch up of white smile or for kick-starting the whitening process. It is more affordable too. Takes just 30 minutes, and you can get up to 4 shades brighter teeth. You can club this with any existing appointment too.

First, we help you check the shade of your teeth by comparing it with the shade chart. Then, we protect your gums and mouth. Post which, we apply a thin layer of whitening varnish to all your teeth. It takes just 10 minutes for applying varnish, and that dries almost immediately. Then, we apply a layer of a protective sealant with Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) that prevents your teeth from sensitivity.

You can head to your office or home. Just remember to brush exactly after 30 minutes.

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed

With Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, you can undo the stains from food, drinks, ageing, as well as certain medicines. You can get up to 8 shades whiter in just 45 minutes.

How different is Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed from Philips Zoom QuickPro?

With Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, we apply a layer of advanced whitening gel. Then, we direct the WhiteSpeed blue LED lamp onto your teeth. Philips Zoom Blue LED light-accelerated technology speeds up the whitening process. We repeat the process three times for the best results. Post which, we apply a post-treatment gel with ACP. It protects your enamel, improves the lustre and prevents teeth sensitivity.

In the end, we help you see the change over by comparing it to the shade chart.

You also receive customized whitening trays and a take-home whitening kit. They help you top up your teeth brightness at home whenever you need.

Philips zoom take home-whitening

Here we make customized mouth trays for you that you can use at home for whitening your teeth. Before whitening:

  • Brush your teeth well to clear the plaque.
  • Pour a teardrop size gel into each of the impressions of the tray.
  • Wear the tray, and after the designated time, brush again.
  • Wash the trays in cold water.

You can either opt for Philips Zoom DayWhite or Night White.
Philips Zoom DayWhite: Here, you wear the whitener for 30 to 90 minutes a day for 2 weeks. This option is suitable if you want to wear the tray for a short time during the day.Philips Zoom NightWhite: Here, you wear the trays for 2 to 4 hours or overnight for two weeks. If you want to wear trays at night while going to sleep, this option suits you. With Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed/ in-office whitening, you get up to eight shades whiter teeth in just one visit! Visit us at Ponsonby dental boutique for more details today..