Pain-free treatment

Dental treatment is fearful for many. A famous bodybuilder fainted when he sat on a dental chair, though he was considered the strongest.

However, at Ponsonby Dental Boutique, we ensure there is no room for fear. One of the main reasons for anxiety related to dental treatment is pain, and we ensure you don’t feel pain while you get your dental treatment.
Whether it is tooth removal or filling, or cleaning, we ensure your treatment is entirely painless.

Here are a few ways via which we ensure your dental treatment is absolutely pain-free:

Injection/ local anaesthetic injection is one of the ways in which we reduce your pain. You might just feel a pinch during the injection. After a minute, you feel numb in the area of dental treatment. You will be comfortable throughout the treatment.
We also use local analgesic gel in case you are anxious about the injection. First, we apply the anaesthetic gel at the site of injection. After a few minutes, you won’t even feel the pinch of injection over there.
We use IV sedation as and when needed. It’s most useful for the dental treatment of small kids who may not be ready for dental treatment due to excessive fear and anxiety. When such kids receive treatment with IV sedation, they don’t get any stress. Thus, they may not fear dental treatments in the future!

Please meet us at Ponsonby Dental Boutique today for a completely painless dental treatment.