Immediate dentures

Immediate dentures

Immediate dentures

Lost your teeth? Don’t worry, we can replace them immediately with immediate dentures. 

We understand your teeth are an essential part of your lives. Your smile, your speech, confidence, and happiness, a lot depend on your teeth. Thus, at Ponsonby dental boutique, we replace your lost teeth immediately with immediate dentures. 

As the name suggests, immediate dentures are for immediate use, immediately after extraction/ tooth removal. 

Before extraction itself, we take the impression of your mouth, and keep the denture ready.

When you come for extraction in the next visit, you will get to wear the denture. So, you don’t miss your teeth even for a single day. 

In traditional dentures, you start wearing dentures, after a couple of months of extraction. But, you will be wearing immediate dentures in the healing period too. 

As the tissues and bones heal, the denture measurements might change. You might need some adjustments.

Please do not miss your follow up visits. 

Once you heal well, we need to reline the denture according to the current jaw measurements or make a completely new denture that suits you the best. 

There are two types of immediate dentures, partial and complete. While complete immediate denture replaces all your missing teeth, partial denture replaces some of the missing teeth. 

Immediate denture procedure

We begin with oral examination and assess the condition of your teeth and oral tissues. It keeps you updated on what you need for keeping up with the optimal oral health. 

We prepare the adjacent teeth for supporting the immediate partial denture. 

We select a suitable tray and take the impression of your mouth using a suitable impression material. Take a deep breath while taking the impression. It avoids sensitivity and gag.

We record all the surrounding structures of teeth meticulously, so you have a denture that fits well. 

We prepare a mould, and a denture over it. 

When you come for extraction, you will get to wear the denture immediately after extraction. 

Advantages of immediate dentures

Keeps up your social life

You don’t miss your teeth, smile, and confidence. 

Reduces bleeding

Immediate dentures reduce bleeding caused by extraction/ tooth removal. When we extract your teeth, there is bleeding. The best way to stop bleeding always is to apply pressure. With pressure, there is blood clot formation and bleeding stops. Immediate dentures reduce bleeding and support your gums when they are healing. 

Reduces pain

Research states immediate dentures reduce post-extraction pain. 

Maintains your looks

Without teeth, your facial muscles sag and you look older. With immediate dentures, you can keep up your younger look. 

Research concludes immediate dentures preserve the height of face, the tone of your facial muscles, the position of your tongue, and the harmony between your jaws.

Keeps up your speaking skills

Teeth play an important role in speech and phonetics. Immediate dentures help you keep up with it. 

Easier recovery

With conventional dentures, you take longer to get used to. However, with immediate dentures, you are recovering from extraction and simultaneously getting used to the denture. The recovery and getting used to is easier with immediate dentures, states research. 

Doesn’t affect nutrition

As you have immediate replacement for the lost teeth, your chewing efficiency comes back quicker. Thus, there is no major impact on your nutrition. 

Improves your smile

We aim to keep the dentures look like your natural teeth. However, if you want to improve your smile, we can do it with dentures. 

Tips to ensure your immediate dentures last longer

  • Be meticulous with oral hygiene. Clean your dentures with a gentle brush and denture cleanser.  

Soak your dentures every night in denture care solution or cold water. It helps your tissues heal and keeps the dentures fitting well.

Never soak the dentures in hot water. 

  • Clean your mouth twice a day with tongue cleaner and soft brush before wearing dentures. It prevents bad breath, and improves circulation to your tissues. 
  • Ensure you never drop your dentures. You might want to keep a bowl of water or a soft towel underneath, to prevent any damage, while removing your dentures. 
  • Keep the dentures away from the reach of children and pets. 
  • Anytime if you feel the fitting of dentures needs adjustment, NEVER repair it on your own. You might end up spoiling it. Meet us at Ponsonby dental boutique, so we can repair it appropriately and give it a perfect fit. 
  • Start with soft, cold or warm foods. 
  • Later on, cut the food into small pieces and chew from both sides. It ensures there is even pressure. Don’t have very hard foods, sticky foods, and chewing gums.  
  • When you wear immediate dentures, your tongue and cheeks are getting used to it. Thus, you might feel a little awkward. You might find the dentures loose or ill-fitting. Your mouth might produce excess saliva and you might have some soreness too. As you get used to dentures, such symptoms disappear. It typically takes one to two weeks for you to get used to it. 
  • However, if there is excess soreness, be sure to meet us.
  • Initially, we suggest you to wear dentures for longer time, so you can get used to it. Later on, you need to soak dentures at night so your tissues can relax and repair at night.  
  • Practice speech, in front of the mirror, talk loudly and practice tricky words. 
  • If your denture slips out when you laugh or cough, bite down and swallow to keep the denture in place. 
  • DO NOT MISS your follow up visits. They ensure your dentures are comfortable and last longer. 

Though immediate dentures are expensive, they help you keep up your psychological and social wellbeing. You can maintain your lifestyle. 

Meet us at Ponsonby Dental Boutique for more details today. 

Starting with the oral examination, immediate dentures in Auckland secure the teeth next to which the denture is done. Next is taking the impression of the patient’s mouth and creating the exact denture that fits well. The same is used for immediate dentures in Ponsonby.

The immediate dentures reduce the pain of teeth to negligible, and the smile is new as ever. The bleeding of teeth and gums is stopped at once, and the looks are maintained.