Free WINZ Quotes

Are you finding dental treatment not affordable? Ponsonby dental boutique is here to help you via WINZ.
WINZ stands for Work and Income New Zealand, and Ponsonby dental boutique is WINZ registered.
Whether you are in the low-income group or on work and income benefit or on student allowance or on pension, WINZ can pay for your essential dental treatment up to $300 and more, if you are in urgent need of treatment.

Here are the criteria for WINZ

  • Severe tooth pain or the need for urgent dental treatment or essential dental treatment
  • You are 16 years and older
  • You are a permanent resident or a citizen of New Zealand or intend to stay in New Zealand
  • You fall in the low income and asset criteria. Low-income parents can opt for WINZ for their kids too.
  • You haven’t taken WINZ help for the last 12 months. WINZ usually pays only once a year for urgent dental treatment.

We want you to have the best dental health though you are in the low-income group. We at Ponsonby dental boutique will work with you to make it affordable to you. We also ensure you get the treatment on high priority.

WINZ needs quotes from a dentist. At Ponsonby dental boutique, we provide you free quotes to take it to WINZ. Post which WINZ assesses your income, assets and other criteria to ensure you need the financial assistance.

More info

WINZ may not pay for the entire treatment unless it’s utmost needed. You don’t have to be on a benefit to qualify for this help.

Suppose the tooth is damaged due to an accident, in which case, Accident Compensation Corporation/ ACC might be able to help you with the dental treatment.

When you call us for the quote, we help you fill an “emergency dental treatment information form” and guide you on how to go about WINZ. Once approved, WINZ gives you the payment card and loads money into it. Immediately after the money loads, you can avail dental treatment. But you have only six to seven days to utilize the payment card, post which it expires.

Just because you are on a low income, it doesn’t mean you should stay away from quality dental care. At Ponsonby dental boutique, we give you free WINZ quotes that should help you get the necessary financial assistance for the dental treatment.

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