Clear Correct

Having misaligned teeth or a bad bite? Want a beautiful smile without metallic looks? Ponsonby dental boutique can help you with ClearCorrect!

ClearCorrect is a thin, clear/ transparent orthodontic plastic aligner. 

*Orthodontic treatment is a treatment that inclines your teeth in the right way. Thus, it corrects your smile and bite/ occlusion. 

ClearCorrect snaps onto all your teeth and corrects the alignment of your teeth as well as your bite gradually. 

Advantages of ClearCorrect

  • Clear aligners are not obvious and not noticeable most of the times. That means you can get your teeth in the right alignment without the metallic smiles.
  • ClearCorrect is thinner than its competitors. It is also more resistant to clouding from wear. Thus, it has a better aesthetic appeal.  
  • You can remove the aligners on your own while having food. You don’t have any diet restrictions with ClearCorrect. However, healthy, fibre-rich food such as fruits and vegetables are always best for your teeth as well as your body. They do not stick to your teeth and cause cavities, unlike processed foods and sweets. 
  • We monitor your progress digitally; thus, you have fewer visits to the clinic. You receive all the aligners in one go. You can switch to the next aligner after the specific period, as discussed during the beginning of the treatment. You need not visit us for changing the aligners every time.
  • You can maintain better dental hygiene. As you can remove the aligners, it’s easy for you to clean your teeth.   

ClearCorrect procedure 

At Ponsonby, we take the impression of your teeth and or use 3D digital scanners that help you visualize the new smile you will be getting. You will get a few sets of aligners. The number of aligners that you receive depends on the condition of your teeth and the type of treatment needed. If you need minor correction, you receive fewer aligners. If you have a major malocclusion/ misalignment, you receive more aligners, and the treatment takes longer. But, you can see the obvious transformation and better quality of life without going through the metallic look phase!

We guide you on how to use the aligners for best results. You need to wear a set of aligners for a specific period, then move to the next aligner. Every aligner is designed for a specific kind of teeth movement. 

You have fewer follow up visits to the clinic. Once you get your desired smile, we give you retainers to wear. You need to wear them judiciously for the said period. They assure the treatment is a success.

For best results, always remove your aligners while having food or non-clear liquids such as cold drinks. Wear your aligners as well as retainers for the designated time.

Thinner, clearer ClearCorrect is ideal for those who want an ideal smile without making the treatment phase obvious!

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