Having an aching tooth? Do not ignore! Though toothache sounds simple and obvious, it might be serious. Decay need not be the only cause of toothache. Infection and referred pain also manifest as toothache. Sometimes, they are serious and need immediate attention! Do not delay and meet us at Ponsonby dental boutique today for the right diagnosis.

Causes of toothache

Deep cavities, loose teeth, injury, and infection are some of the most common causes of toothache. When the nerve of your tooth or nerves surrounding your tooth are irritated, there is a toothache. 

Referred pain

Sometimes the pain is somewhere else, but it radiates to the tooth and is felt there as tooth pain. Ear infection and TMJ/ Temporomandibular Joint pain often radiate to the tooth. Sinusitis/ sinus pain is also felt in the upper molars as toothache. A heart attack also can manifest as pain in the right upper molars. Lung cancer, Trigeminal neuralgia and Occipital neuralgia can cause tooth pain too. 

You should never ignore your toothache, whatever is the cause. Contact us at Ponsonby dental boutique immediately. The right diagnosis is crucial to prevent serious outcomes! 

Deep cavities

Enamel is the outermost and strongest part of the tooth. Cavity causing bacteria first destroy the enamel and then reach the dentin. Dentin is the most sensitive part owing to the presence of nerve endings. When decay reaches the dentin, you can have a sensitivity or a sharp pain when you eat, especially cold or hot foods. You also feel the pain when you bite or brush.

An old, damaged filling might also cause sensitivity. 

Impacted tooth

A wisdom tooth that is not in the right alignment may cause pain. It can also put pressure on the adjacent tooth, causing a toothache.


Ageing erodes the protective enamel due to wear and tear. Exposed dentin makes the teeth sensitive. 


An injury might chip of enamel or fracture a tooth, causing sensitivity.

Brushing injury may also cause tooth sensitivity and pain. Applying excess pressure while brushing may cause wear out and sensitivity. 


Inflamed gums can cause pus at the bottom of the tooth, causing a toothache. The pain associated with infection is usually dull and lasts for days. 

Gum disease might also cause your gums to shrink towards the jaws, expose your tooth roots and cause sensitivity. 

Loose teeth

Loose teeth are caused by bone loss, and disturbed nerve endings cause pain. 

Toothache treatment

  • We can address the decays, injury, and attrition with restorations/ fillings. 
  • For exposed roots, we can help you bring back the gingiva to its original place. We can also coat the cementum of the roots with a varnish that prevents sensitivity. 
  • For infections, we address it according to the type of infection. If the decay has reached the roots causing infection, we drain the pus, if any. Then, we remove the infected tissue via root canal treatment/ RCT. We follow it up with antibiotics. 
  • For the impacted tooth, we have experts who can help you get rid of it gently. 
  • For loose teeth, we have Perio experts who can help you make your teeth. We also replace the lost teeth via implants at Ponsonby dental boutique. 

Remember to brush twice a day, floss every day, have a healthy diet, and rinse your mouth after having food. Meet us at least every 6 months for a routine dental check-up at Ponsonby dental boutique. 

You can prevent most of the dental problems by doing so!

When is your toothache an emergency?

  • There is swelling in the face or jaw.
  • Toothache is accompanied by other symptoms such as chest pain or pain in the right shoulder or other symptoms of a heart attack.
  • Tooth pain accompanied by trouble breathing, trouble swallowing or other symptoms of lung cancer. 

At Ponsonby dental boutique, we help you with prevention, early detection, and timely treatment!