Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment, popularly known as RCT, is one of the treatments we do to prevent extraction/ save your tooth from removing. Though you may replace your lost teeth with artificial ones, they cannot beat your natural teeth. Natural teeth are always THE BEST!

As the name suggests, RCT is the treatment of roots. Your tooth has two parts: a crown and a root. Within your tooth, there is a vital part. The vital part of the crown is called the pulp, which is encapsulated by the root canal. While front teeth have a single root, the back teeth have multiple roots. Every root has a root canal. 

When is RCT needed?

When you have decay, you need a filling to prevent sensitivity and to prevent it from worsening. If the filling is not done on time, the decay goes deeper to pulp and goes down to reach the root canals. If left untreated, it causes pus, swelling, pain etc. Never delay RCT if you want to save your tooth and prevent pus and other complications.

RCT is also indicated when there is a crack or chip in the tooth or when the tooth is dead and discoloured due to an accidental fall.

Sometimes the tooth may lose sensitivity. Does it mean it is healed? No. It only means the nerve sensitivity is destroyed, and the infection has spread beyond!

RCT procedure

  • To begin with, we examine your tooth and surrounding areas and assess the signs and symptoms.
  • Then, we take the X-ray of the tooth to assess your tooth, root canals and plan the treatment. 
  • It is followed by a small injection for making the RCT pain-free. An injection may not be needed in all cases.
  • We isolate the tooth by using a rubber dam, a small sheet that prevents saliva from disturbing the filling. 
  • After a few minutes, we start with removing the decay and reach the pulp. We clean the pulp and gain access to root canals.
  • If needed, we take another X-ray with an instrument called file to assess the length of root canals.
  • We clean, disinfect, and shape the root canals so that it holds the filling material right. 
  • If there is pus, we let it drain and allow the area to heal and call you for the next sitting. We prescribe antibiotics and pain reliever medicines. 
  • We inspect the tooth if it’s healing right and move ahead with the filling. 

RCT is also possible in a single sitting, especially when there is no infection. 

  • We fill the root canals with a filling material called gutta-percha. We take a suitable size gutta-percha cone, roll it with a binding cement, coat the inside of root canals with the binding material and place the cone. We aim to completely seal the root canal by placing more gutta-percha cones of smaller sizes.
  • Then, we cut the excess gutta-percha cones from the canal and seal the ends. Post which, we fill the pulp cavity with a suitable filling material. 
  • The next and crucial step is to place a crown/ cap for the RCT treated teeth. If we do not place a crown, RC treated teeth will fracture, and RCT will fail. We prepare your tooth so it can take the crown. We do a suitable shade selection for the crown and place it with bonding cement. 
  • We use post and core if your tooth is weak and is not strong enough to hold the filling. 

After RCT, do not have food till the numbness goes off so that you do not bite your tongue or cheeks. Once the anaesthesia goes off, you can have soft foods that do not need much chewing. 

Till you get the crown for RC treated tooth, do not use that tooth for chewing or biting hard food. Make sure you are gentle while brushing too. Follow your dentist’s instructions and get the crown as soon as possible. 

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When a tooth starts to decay, to prevent further deteriorating and healing the decay caused, a root canal treatment is required. It is superior to getting an artificial tooth because of the strength of the natural tooth.

Root canal treatment in Auckland includes injection for preventing pain, prevention of saliva dripping. Finally, root canal length is found using another X-Ray, and the material is filled in the root canal. The process is similar to minor changes in Root canal treatment in Ponsonby.