Meet Our Lovely Team

MEET Our Lovely TEAM

Principal Dentist

Dr. Nikita Verma

As an adept and passionate dentist, Dr. Nikita Verma has helped a significant number of patients achieve their oral health goals. Currently, she is licensed and has her own acclaimed practice at the Ponsonby Dental Boutique. Having worked in multiple dental practices in Auckland, she has exemplary experience in all phases of dentistry and strives to provide patients with the best treatment possible.

She believes that her goal is to help patients improve their oral health and achieve a beautiful smile. “When people ask me why I enjoy being a dentist, I tell them I enjoy building relationships with my patients and caring for them as a whole person, not just their teeth,” says Dr. Nikita Verma as she looks forward to caring for all your dental needs.

Her views on being a dentist...

Dr. Nikita is passionate about dentistry and believes teeth have feelings too. Hence she chose dental sciences as a career. A dentist with a positive attitude, a sense of humor, and a genuine desire to know her patients, she advocates offering honest, quality dental care in a comfortable, welcoming, and modern environment as a crucial part of her practice. As part of her commitment to oral wellness, she enjoys learning and preaching her knowledge and is enthusiastic about bringing a healthy and proud smile to her patients, family, and friends' faces.

Her education and early career...

Dr. Nikita Verma was always a diligently smart student in school. Considering her high merits, Dr. Nikita was accepted to one of the most prestigious dental colleges in India, i.e., The Dental College and Hospital, Ahmedabad. She completed her BDS in 2008 with flying colors. In 2009, she moved to New Zealand with her better half and soon realized this was her place to stay for long. She then decided to qualify as an NZ dentist.

Before she aced her NZDREX in 2012, Nikita worked as an assistant for three years, gaining valuable experience in New Zealand. She is an active member of several esteemed dental associations like the New Zealand Dental Association, and the Auckland Dental Association. In addition to being a Private Master Provider for Fastbraces, Dr. Nikita specializes in INVISALIGN, CLEAR CORRECT, and INTRAVENOUS SEDATION. She has done advanced courses in Fastbraces(from Dallas, TX), and Implants(from Australia).

Her later career and family life...

Dr. Nikita Verma completed and participated in some alluring advanced courses like FastBraces-Senior Master Provider since 2018 (the highest award for Fastbraces), Dental Implants(In 2019, from the Advanced Surgery Master Course from Australia).

She has placed over 100 implants since then, and the number is steadily increasing. She also completed IV Sedation (Sleep Dentistry), ClearCorrect, and Invisalign(Aligners) courses, and became a preferred dentist in 2017. Having regularly attended courses on infection prevention, sterilization and Endodontics, Dr. Nikita’s list of achievements seems to be never-ending.

Dr. Nikita is blessed with a lovely little family and has two wonderful sons; Agam(7 years old), and Rihan(3 years old). She is often found saying they are troublemakers but are her sweethearts who energize her and keep her going. And yes, to top it all, is her loving husband Shivam, who she claims is the biggest workaholic human she has ever seen, and together they are a happy team. Her family atmosphere is warm and involved and encourages her to be ambitious and strive for excellence.

Bringing life to smiles, crossing milestones, and seeking miles ahead...

Great achievers are the ones who dream, plan, work, achieve, and rejoice with all. Dr. Nikita truly believes so. She can always be found around her co-workers, asking and guiding them with her vision and their ideas. She takes great pride in learning novel approaches from the young minds in her arena.

Her hope is to improve the smiles of the community and empower people to follow their dreams with a greater sense of self-confidence through her work. She looks forward to providing you and your family with excellent dental care and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to talk with you about any dental concerns you have so that you can return the favor by walking out of Ponsonby Dental Boutique with a smile on your face.

As Miguel de Cervantes quotes “Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond”, Dr. Nikita Verma vivaciously looks forward to meeting you and taking care of your dental concerns to give you a proud reason to smile.

Senior Dentist

Dr Beverley Tam

I am Dr Beverley Tam and I look forward to providing quality, caring and professional dentistry for you and your family. Our practice offers a comfortable, relaxing and a friendly environment. I explain thoroughly your treatment options to allow you to reach a decision that best suits your needs. 

I believe in Patient education and to ensure my patients keep their teeth for life. 

I graduated in Dunedin in 1997 and regularly attend courses to keep up to date with continuing education.  

I am a member of New Zealand Dental Association and Auckland Dental Association

Receptionist / dental assistant


I’m Aria, part of the amazing Dental Assistant team working at Ponsonby Dental Boutique. I love my role because I get to play an important role, helping patients receive treatments they need. It’s so rewarding to see patients walk away feeling more confident! Fun fact about me: before I pursued a career in the medical field, I worked in childcare.

Dental Assistant


My name is Georgina and I am one of the dental assistants at the Ponsonby Dental Boutique! Being a dental assistant here allows me to work alongside an incredible team, and assist the dentists to provide great care to a diverse group of people. I spend my free time enjoying the outdoors and nature of Aotearoa, alongside my family and friends!