IV sedation

IV sedation

IV sedation

Are you suffering from dental phobia? Is your anxiety preventing you from visiting dental clinic? We are here to help!

At Ponsonby dental boutique, we make it easier and comfortable for you with IV sedation. IV/ intravenous sedation is a conscious sedation that helps you relax, stay comfortable, and keep the fear, pain, and anxiety away during your dental treatment. 

IVS/ Intra Venous Sedation is a conscious sedation.

It doesn’t put you to sleep, but you are less aware of your surroundings. You can go through any type of dental treatment and it won’t cause you fear/ anxiety/ pain. The kind of treatment that you are going through won’t affect you. But, you will be able to respond to verbal comments or gentle nudging. 

IV sedation procedure

We assess you for suitability of IV sedation. Generally, it suits all. Please be sure to mention if you have any health issues or any allergies. 

If needed, before IV sedation, we request an evaluation by a physician, especially if you are a senior citizen or have health issues. 

We give IV sedation to you through your veins. Via the same IV, we also inject needed medicines such as analgesics/ pain-relievers. 

Immediately after IV, you feel relaxed and you will be unaware of smell, sound, or sight. 

We keep a track of your vital signs such as BP/ Blood Pressure, pulse, and breathing. At Ponsonby, we also have a team of experts who are well versed with tackling the complications if any. Most of the people on IV sedation, are conscious, and don’t need any support for breathing etc. 

If needed, we inject more medicine as needed. 

Once the dental treatment is over, you won’t remember the treatment process/ procedure. IV/ Intravenous sedation causes partial amnesia/ loss of memory for the treatment period.

IV Sedation offers various advantages such as quicker effect, repeated doses of medicine allowed, and rapid recovery from sedation. 

To do list before IV sedation

  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Do not eat or drink anything 8 hours before IV sedation. 
  • Don’t take any medicines before 6 to 8 hours of IV sedation unless approved by the doctor.
  • Provide your complete medical history before the dental treatment.
  • Arrange for a pick up and drop for that day. After IV sedation, you will be drowsy for several hours. 
  • After IV, clear your calendar for the next 24 hours. Avoid alcohol, strenuous activity, unapproved medicines, operating a heavy machinery, or taking major life decisions during that time. 

You are an ideal candidate for IV sedation if:

  • You have moderate to high dental anxiety
  • You need longer or multiple procedures
  • You need more painful treatment
  • You have a strong gag reflex
  • Are suffering from conditions such as circulatory complications. IVS stabilizes the haemodynamic status/ blood circulation in such patients during the treatment. 

IV sedation needs special training, especially to handle rare complications such as hypoxia and deep sedation. Don’t worry. At Ponsonby dental boutique, we have experts trained in IV sedation. We monitor closely during IV sedation and are well equipped to handle emergencies if any..

Meet us at Ponsonby dental boutique for a brighter and more beautiful smile and a healthy and pain-free mouth!