4 ways to keep your gum healthier after a dental implant

Long strides have been made in the world of orthodontics and dental intervention. From the simple dentures of old age, now there are various implants and cosmetic fillers available to provide the desired aesthetics of an individual’s smile. Since a lot of young individuals are now opting for such dental corrections, it is important to know the care required to keep them looking like new. Appropriate measures in this direction would keep the gums healthy and the implants maintenance free, for years ahead.

  • Oral Hygiene: The implant is going to be intrinsically fused to the gums as almost a natural part of it. Hence it is imperative to practice all the hygiene exercises such as regular brushing and flossing. While the former would help clean up any plaque or food remnants, regular flossing would rid the implant of any difficult to remove debris that may get trapped with regular use. Regularly done, this will also ensure that the implant is free from any corrosive build up that may gather. Further, the gums would be naturally massaged and blood circulation boosted.
  • Oral Irrigation: What manual flossing may have limitations achieving, an oral irrigator eases out. It works on the principle of a high-pressure stream of water that is shot into the crevices and hard to reach areas of the mouth. The natural water pressure displaces trapped debris from the remotest areas of the mouth, also naturally flushing them clean. The added advantage of this practice is thorough cleansing of the gums and tongue, leading to fresh breath.
  • Gum Stimulator: Slightly more difficult to use, a gum stimulator is also a trusted tool in this arsenal. It is small pointed object that has a padded end point – usually tipped with silicone or rubber. The padded end point is slim enough to gently ease into gum pockets and pry out collected matter. This may not be needed on a regular basis – however occasionally done it may completely remove all traces of food and other build up around the implant and gums; leaving the implant feeling as good as new. Care must however be taken to gently use the tool, as is advised by the dentist.
  • Routine Dentist Visits: Despite the best DIY care at home, there is never a case for doing away with the professional. A scheduled visit with the dentist will achieve the dual purpose of a thorough clean up in and around the implants as also preventive check-up for further cavities/ deformities. Which if caught in time, may prevent the need for any implant in the first place.

The above steps if adopted in a disciplined manner, will go a long way in keeping any gum/ teeth problems at bay. Not only will the implant stay new for years to come, but also will foster a healthier mouth. What’s more, the confidence of a perfect smile will bring the individual appreciation from all quarters.